About us

Pat and Laurence are Irish business owners who have collaborated to form PPENOW.ie.

The purpose of the company is to get Irish ☘️ businesses back to work.

The business has 3 core aims:

- Provide FREE resources and documents to help businesses - see resource tab

- Provide FREE video guides on the safe use of PPE - professionally produced

- Provide businesses with the Quality, Certified and Fair priced PPE that they need the next day by courier

Pat is a trained accountant who owns an Irish ☘️  and UK based dental and medical wholesale company.They have supplied PPE to professional clients for 18 years and are market leaders in that space.

The company has a multi faceted supply chain with agents appointed in many jurisdictions, including the Far East , the Americas and Europe.

Laurence is a registered Irish ☘️ pharmacist who owns a thriving community pharmacy. He purchased that business in 2005 and has worked since then to build it up. He has been working with his wonderful team of staff in the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been a tough but rewarding period. He is passionate about sharing his learnings through that journey with other Irish businesses trying to get back to work in a safe manner. He brings his scientific knowledge to the business which drives the desire for quality and safe use of PPE.